Lifestyle: Afro-Inspired Art Exhibition- A Day to remember

Lifestyle: Afro-Inspired Art Exhibition- A Day to remember

Lifestyle: Afro-Inspired Art Exhibition- A Day to remember

It’s Friday, yayy!! Since it’s Friday, why not doing a flashback post? These pictures were taken by me a couple weekend ago at the Afro-Inspired Art Exhibition , a project organized by the beautiful mastermind Cathy.

We all came together as models to support her , but at the end we were like big happy family. Let’s say that I was the most quiet one in the room that day and all I did was observing and learning from each of them. Although the room was full of different personalities and opinions, we were all there for the same purpose.

We laughed, ate, shared ideas, networked, and captured all the memorable moments. These ladies are the true definition of brain and beauty. Have you ever felt so powerful, smart, and strong after being surrounded yourself with positive energy like you’re ready to conquer the whole world? Well, that was me on that day. I simply want to say thank you ladies for leaving your footprints in my life and I am as excited as you are to see the outcomes of this wonderful project. Thank you Cathy for this awesome experience! Hats off!




Meet some of my ladies Leila, Aeisha, Martine,Β Cathy, Semline,and Myriam. These ladies are very talented and open minded. Please follow them on IG .

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  1. Dr. K. Lee Banks 19 September, 2017 at 00:14 Reply

    Awww, what great fun! LOVE the blue shirt!!! This reminds me of my youngest daughter, who’s a photographer. We just had a double birthday party for my 3 and 5 year old granddaughters (birthdays are 2 weeks apart), and of course, lots of pictures! πŸ™‚ Then, their whole family went apple picking on my oldest granddaughter’s birthday and got some GREAT spontaneous pics in the apple orchard, as well as an amazing family photo!

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