Let me Shine:Widline Pierre–Writer and MH counselor

Let me Shine:Widline Pierre–Writer and MH counselor

Let me Shine:Widline Pierre–Writer and MH counselor

Here we are with another episode of “Let Me Shine” where we give everyone a chance to be known and to be shined like a bright star. Today, we have the honor to present to you a young lady who cares about others’ mental state and it’s always a privilege for us to learn about our young people in the community. Let’s get to know our guest:

Can you tell our readers about yourself?
-I have asked others this question million times and when it comes to me to answer it, it appears a bit difficult. I like when my actions speak of who I am but I am a woman who loves to enjoy the life God has given and I am simply the original Widline. I am a successful alumni from Barry University with a Master’s Degrees in Mental Health Counseling. I am originally from Haiti and continue to speak fluent Haitian-Creole. I am currently working as an ESOL School Counselor and Mental Health Therapist. I am very humble when it comes to helping others in my field. I find true happiness when I help others especially seeing a child reaching their full potential. I enjoy helping at my church, I have a great sense of humor, down to earth, love dancing, watching old movies like The 12 Angry Men or anything with Danielle Steel or Catherine Cookson. Lastly, one of my favorite author and psychiatrist (Viktor Frankl) once said “The point is not what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us.” I value education so much that I created my own quote, “Everything has some value, but Education is valuable in every way. Education holds promise for every child for the present and future life to come.” I am excited and looking forward to more of God’s blessings.

What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

-I have had many greatest failures which I do not regret them all because God has frankly turned them into great and powerful testimonies. However, I wish I did take God more seriously when I was younger. Well, you live and learn.

Who has impacted you the most in life?

-Definitely, my grandmother, she has impacted me the most in life and even in my spiritual self. Her dedication and drive have pushed me to do better in life. She shared with me how growing up in Haiti back then most of the women were not allowed to go to school and the family member that she was living with did not send her to school. She is the smartest and wisest woman that  I have ever known and I just love her.

What is your greatest achievement in life?

-People might find it very intriguing but I do consider three greatest achievements in life. The first one is serving Jesus Christ and the second is balancing my time. I am able to self-manage my time and life that I can do anything.  The third one is seeing someone comes into my office dealing with depression or any mental illness and then watching the transformation of that individual. My career is priceless and I love what I do.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love reading, cooking, playing tennis, exercising, and laughing, spending some me time and  writing.


How do people describe you? How do you feel about that?

-That is a good question and I do not know. I have been so shy and that causes me to hide my God-given talents and gifts. I am going to vent a little here, I always feel that my talents will not be valued in the Haitian community so I just never bother to give all of me. However, in other community, I think people know me as the Mental Health Therapist who puts my heart and soul to help children and family. It is not an excuse because I do want to pay it forward.

What/ who has inspired you to follow this path

-As a child, I always wanted to be a Psychiatrist because I was so afraid of individuals who others referrred as Crazy. So,  I used to say to myself instead of being afraid I am going to grow up and find a cure to help them. My father wanted me to be a lawyer or politician because he once said he thought I would have been great at either professions but my passion is the brain. I would like to find out the cause of chemical imbalance for a patient who’s dealing with auditory and/or visual hallucinations. (Delusional/Hallucination).

How do you motivate yourself ?

-Honestly, by praying and reading my Bible. Speaking of prayer, I just wrote a great self-book “Turning Prayers Into Love Notes.” Please Go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble for your copy or you can email me @ wpierre26@gmail. com. 

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of being a writer and a mental health counselor?

-As far as helping people, I do not find it frustrating but what I find frustrating is when I tell people what I do then the first thing they ask me “are you going to diagnose me?”. Here is a story: “ I was going through something then I wanted to talk to someone about it and I called one of my friends. When I started to tell her, her response was “You are the Psychologist, why you are asking me.” It is the second most frustrating aspect of being me because people expect you not to be human.


Describe yourself in one word and why? 

-“STRONG” Life has thrown so many bizarre things at me and I had no choice but to be strong. I have learned to be strong through the faith I have in Jesus Christ and put on my full armor so I can stand against life tactics.  One of my favorite Bible Verses: Isaiah 40 vs 31.


Any advice for our young people out there?

-First of, stay humble before the Lord regardless if you think He is real or not as He controls life and death. Second, be yourself because others are already taking. Third, people always say the sky’s the limit but I do believe that with God there is no limit as He knows the plan for us. Education is a must, please do not waste life as we only have one not two. Stay away from youthful passions such as drugs, alcohol or any other negativity. Lastly, love yourself, I love to say to myself “I love me so much” and Kirk Franklin has a song called “ I Like Me.” I just love it. BY the way,  I am working on having my First Book Signing on July 15, 2017 and i’m looking forward to all the supports I can get.

Thank you Widline Pierre for being an awesome guest. To stay connected with Widline please follow her on social media: FB and Twitter



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